New Site

A new website for a new year


Dev Dabke


January 1, 2024


January 29, 2024


I decided to update my personal website. I’ve had a personal website for almost two decades, but I have not historically been good about doing something with it. However, I enjoy occasionally writing and hacking on various projects. I’m going to commit to writing on here more often, but given the various types of things I work on, I realized that there are a few features that I wanted to have for my new website:

  1. Infrastructure
    • Minimal coding: maintaining every intricate detail of a static website is a pain and just not worth it for this website.
    • Easy upkeep: I want to focus on posting on this website.
    • Easy version control: my site should be very git-friendly
  2. Writing ergonomics
    • Format: I want to be to write in markdown, code, and \(\LaTeX\) and have it display nicely
    • Citation support: if I’m linking different resources, I want a nice way of supporting citations, e.g., if I wanted to reference a thing I did [1].
    • Notebooks: I’ve started to enjoy putting together jupyter notebooks and would like to turn these into posts
  3. Looks okay. I’m not a designer, but I want something that looks okay and is easy to read.

My goal is to shoot for regular posts, either describing some of my thoughts or writing up an idea. Let’s see if this format lasts. Below is a couple cool examples of what I can do with this setup:


a = 1
b = 'hello'

def some_fun(input_a: int = 1) -> int:
    This function does something




\[ K(S) = \sum_{s \in S} f(s)^2 \]


D. V. Dabke and B. Chazelle, “Extracting semantic information from dynamic graphs of geometric data,” in Complex networks & their applications X, Springer, 2021, pp. 474–485. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-93413-2_40