👋🏽 I’m Dev, a New Yorker from New Jersey.

My training is in mathematics and I recently defended my Ph.D. from Princeton 🐯 in the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics under the supervision of Bernard Chazelle. Previously, I earned my B.S. in mathematics and in computer science from Duke 💙 where I worked with a variety of faculty, including John Harer and Anita Layton. I’ve also been coding since I was a kid and I love working on implementing solutions to real-world problems with technology.

This website is mostly a blog for my random thoughts, my research, or other ideas I’ve been thinking about. My LinkedIn has more detail on the various professional places I’ve had the privilege of working at, my GitHub has some of my code, and my Google Scholar has my papers that have finally made it into print. If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to reach out at ddabke@princeton.edu. I’m also involved in a variety of external professional actvities, like Spectra, the Duke Alumni Association, etc.

When I’m not glued to my computer, you can find me operating a vehicle, on an ice rink, or walking my adorable dog Macaroni in Madison Square Park. 🐶