My name is Dev Dabke. I'm currently a student at Duke University studying Math and Computer Science. Born in India, and whisked away very quickly to the US, I spent the first several years of my life moving around with my mom and dad. They currently live in a small town in suburbia, with my cat, Spice.

Conducting I have always been fascinated with the way we engage with the world around us, especially through the lens of technology. Every day, we create and consume huge amounts of data and with that, we've done something wonderful: create data about our data. In that spirit, I am most interested in the intersection between beautiful art—that is, user interface—and even more beatiful math, especially with applications to data analytics.

I wish I could have claimed to have revolutionized the world of technology, but at the moment, I'm still learning. So far, I have had the privilege to work on a number of projects, from DailyDonator, a project that allows users to donate to charities by watching ads, to researching spectral graph theory with Prof. Xiaobai Sun. I'm also teaching a Web Development class this semester. You can find some more information about my projects below, plus a resume if you're so inclined.

When I'm not doing math things or web development things, I conduct the Duke Chamber Players and drink too much coffee. My current favorite piece is the Vivaldi Cello Sonata in E Minor. My favorite movie (much the chagrin of my mom, it has become a viewing tradition in my family) is A Few Good Men. My favorite book is Perloo the Bold, and has been for almost a decade.


Class of 2018. Flagship undergraduate merit-scholarship at Duke University, providing tuition, room and board, a research stipend, and a summer program at Oxford. Currently researching data analytics and mathematical modeling.
Designed and teaching course titled "Adaptive Web Development for the Modern Internet." Responsibilities include giving lectures; working with students; creating/grading assignments. Course focuses on full-stack web development, using latest techniques in HTML/CSS, PHP & JavaScript/jQuery. Supervised by Prof. Xiaobai Sun.
Partner, Chief Software Engineer. Currently working on several projects to get ready for deployment. Manages and implements technology, from our blog, to our website. GymLion lets users buy class passes on-the-go with no monthly committments.
Applied spectral graph theory to data analytics, with a specific focus in scientific literature. Created a method to provide graphical representations of the "vocabulary of researchers." Supervised by Prof. Xiaobai Sun.
Managing/Founding Partner, Directory of Technology. I created entire code base, designed and implemented website. I also oversee all tech operations, from development to deployment. Started as a HackDuke Fall '14 winning project. DailyDonator empowers users to make a difference by donating ad revenues to a charity of their choice.
Math Modeling
Created a stochastic method that uses linear projections to model the spread of viral information through a network. Designed and implemented model in Matlab, including a differential model and the agent-based model. Research conducted and paper written with Eva Arroyo, supervised by Prof. Anita T. Layton
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